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Sort results by: Price   Length  Berths  Year   3.200€from2001.|10,3 m|5BerthsSea Ray 335 Sundancer
Motor Yacht Sea Ray 335 Sundancer
3.300€from2007.|10,16 m|5Berths
Beneteau Antares 12
Motor Yacht Beneteau Antares 12
3.500€from2005.|12,62 m|5Berths
Sea Ray 37 EX openMotor Yacht Sea Ray 37 EX open" />
3.500€from2000.|11,2 m|4Berths
Bavaria 37 Sport
Motor Yacht Bavaria 37 Sport
3.700€from2004.|11,95 m|4Berths
Beneteau Antares 9.80
Motor Yacht Beneteau Antares 9.80
3.900€from2004.|9,95 m|4Berths
Jeanneau Prestige 32
Motor Yacht Jeanneau Prestige 32
4.000€from2007.|9,8 m|5Berths
Sealine F37
Motor Yacht Sealine F37
4.200€from2001.|11,74 m|6Berths
Cranchi 34 Zaffiro
Motor Yacht Cranchi 34 Zaffiro
4.300€from2007.|11,47 m|4Berths
Sealine SC 38
Motor Yacht Sealine SC 38
4.400€from2011.|11,51 m|7Berths
Sea Ray 355 SundancerMotor Yacht Sea Ray 355 Sundancer" />
4.700€from2008.|10,8 m|4BerthsCranchi Smeraldo 37
Motor Yacht Cranchi Smeraldo 37
4.860€from2006.|11,75 m|4Berths
Sea Ray 39Motor Yacht Sea Ray 39" />
4.890€from1990.|11,9 m|6BerthsFerretti 36Motor Yacht Ferretti 36" />5.000€from1991.|11,9 m|6BerthsSea Ray 375 Sundancer
Motor Yacht Sea Ray 375 Sundancer
5.000€from2004.|11,43 m|5Berths
Beneteau Monte Carlo 37
Motor Yacht Beneteau Monte Carlo 37
5.000€from2008.|11,29 m|4Berths
Cranchi 37 Smeraldo
Motor Yacht Cranchi 37 Smeraldo
5.120€from2001.|11,75 m|4Berths
Cranchi Atlantique 40 Fly
Motor Yacht Cranchi Atlantique 40 Fly
5.300€from2002.|13,13 m|6Berths
Sea Ray 395 SundancerMotor Yacht Sea Ray 395 Sundancer" />5.500€from2007.|11,89 m|6BerthsAzimut 39 Open
Motor Yacht Azimut 39 Open
7.000€from2007.|12,6 m|4Berths
Menorquin 160
Motor Yacht Menorquin 160
7.500€from2007.|15,95 m|7Berths
Sealine F42
Motor Yacht Sealine F42
7.650€from2004.|12,9 m|8Berths
Sealine S 48
Motor Yacht Sealine S 48
7.700€from2004.|14,82 m|6Berths
San Lorenzo 58
Motor Yacht San Lorenzo 58
9.100€from1985.|17 m|6Berths
Cranchi 48 Atlantique
Motor Yacht Cranchi 48 Atlantique
11.000€from2006.|15,54 m|8Berths
Cranchi Atlantique 50 fly
Motor Yacht Cranchi Atlantique 50 fly
11.480€from2008.|14,98 m|6Berths
Azimut 46
Motor Yacht Azimut 46
11.600€from2001.|14,93 m|6Berths
Sealine T60
Motor Yacht Sealine T60
13.000€from2009.|18,68 m|6Berths
Cranchi 50 HT
Motor Yacht Cranchi 50 HT
13.740€from2007.|15,3 m|6Berths
Aicon 56 Fly
Motor Yacht Aicon 56  Fly
15.400€from2004.|17,48 m|7Berths
Dominator 680S
Motor Yacht Dominator 680S
19.600€from2008.|21,3 m|6Berths
Ferretti 620
Motor Yacht Ferretti 620
20.100€from2002.|18,75 m|8Berths
Pershing 56
Motor Yacht Pershing 56
20.700€from2008.|18 m|6Berths
Azimut 68S
Motor Yacht Azimut 68S
27.000€from2007.|22 m|7Berths
Sunseeker Manhattan 73
Motor Yacht Sunseeker Manhattan 73
28.000€from2009.|22,28 m|8Berths
Azimut 75
Motor Yacht Azimut 75
28.000€from2005.|22,94 m|8Berths

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Motor boats yacht charter and cruising Greece with Worldwide YachtCharter Company. You can choose among wide offer of motor boats: Luxurious motor yachts - Motor boats with crew - Motorboats with skipper - Powerboats.
Motor boats and yacht types: Maiora, Benetti, Ferretti, Elegance, Azimut, Fairline Targa, Fairline Squadron, Fairline Phantom, Sea Ray, Princess, Pershing, Sealine, Bavaria, Beneteau Antares, Sunseeker Predator, Jeanneau Prestige, Gobbi, Bayliner, Maxum, Sessa Oyster, Adria.

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Luxury yachts
Golden Yachts 176
Golden Yachts 173
Mondomarine 138
Leight Notika 35
Falcon 100
Tecnomar 100
Sunseeker Predator 95
Aicon 90
Azimut 86 S
Motor yachts
Astondoa 72
Aicon 64 Fly
Pershing 62
Sailing boats
Bavaria 55
Beneteau Oceanis 54
Beneteau Oceanis 50 *
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49DS
Beneteau Oceanis 43 New
Lagoon 450
Gulet Liana H