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The coast of Greece has a length of about 16 000 km, including mainland and all the islands as well. The Greek coastline is world famous for its diversity, sandy beaches, pebbly shores, numerous caves, steep rocks, dark sand, crystal waters…

The Greek archipelago offers a highly diversified landscape. Greece is a land that has many amazing things to offer. What makes it more appealing and attractive are the beaches all along the coast. Many of the beaches and marinas have been awarded the Blue Flag for their high standard services and facilities. It all makes Greece one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

Its coast is mostly easily accesible and one can find many beautiful places, even those less crowded and enjoy the quietness and tranquillity of surroundings. There are also numerous places where one can enjoy various events, entertainment and sport activities such as sailing, water skiing, diving, snorkeling…

Greece provides ideal yachting conditions due to short distances between islands and ports, clear sea and pleasant climate which allows the long charter season.

The Ionian Sea provides safe sailing conditions and it is considered to be the best sailing area in Greece. One can visit many beautiful islands with lush scenery, sites of mythological and historic interest, numerous bays and ports for anchorage.

The Southern Ionian islands offer calm and safe shelter for all, while the Northern islands are challenging for more experienced sailors.

The Dodecanese consist of 14 islands mostly arid and barren. Kos, Rhodes and Samos are the most popular. The islands are famous for sponge-fishing.

The Cyclades are situated around the island of Delos. The archipelago consists of 23 large hilly islands and about 200 smaller ones. All the islands are lacking in trees because of sharp sea winds.

Saronic Gulf is the most famous sailing area in Greece.

Argolic Gulf is another excellent yachting area.

Northern Sporades consist of remote and fertile islands, some string along the Turkish coastline. Here you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the eastern Mediterranean, secluded bays and anchorages.


Bases in Greece

There are 19 marinas in Greece providing more than 6000 moorings and offering a high quality service.

Sailing routes in Greece

You can choose among numerous marvelous places for visit in Greece, whether you are looking for crowded places or less frequented ones.

Marinas in Greece

You can choose among numerous marvelous places for visit in Greece, whether you are looking for crowded places or less frequented ones.

Cruising Greece

Greece is an appealing country with numerous splendid islands. A week of sailing holidays will be sufficient for a small part of this beautiful country.

Greek islands

Nautical tourism in Greece

Nautical tourism has gained a great reputation in Greece and has reached a high class quality.